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Sun, Jan. 21st, 2007, 09:31 pm
severuslovesme: (no subject)

zauberer_sirin wrote The Complications You Could Do Without
Summary: Second honeymoons are hard enough without complications.

greyannabel wrote Coexisting
Cristina/Burke, PG
Summary: Small steps bring Cristina and Burke closer.

thinkatory wrote Reaching a Higher Level
Burke, Hahn
Summary: Soon after their graduation, Dr. Burke and Dr. Hahn meet for a goodwill dinner. Hahn has this unbecoming little smirk that arrives at times like this. "Have to make business dinners interesting somehow, don't we?"

holycitygirl wrote Last? Least?
George, Izzie
Summary: Doctors get the flu too sometimes.

pirateygoodness wrote Everything But the Secret Handshake
Izzie/Addison/Mark, NC-17
Summary: The first rule is, of course, that this is fight club.

hockeysaurus wrote Sometimes Myths Actually Are Good Metaphors for Life
RPF: Kate/Eric, NC-17
Summary: Kate had a headache...and Eric was concerned.

voleuse wrote Water and Logic and Hunger
Addison/Callie/Izzie, PG-13
Summary: You are, he said, beautiful. / That is not love, she said rightly.

fox1013 wrote The Gay/Straight Alliance
RPF: Gen, PG
Summary: the rise and fall of the most influential on-set group since the Dempsey Hair Fan Club (population: two, but Katie and Shonda were vocal- but that, as we say, is another story).

jennyo wrote Strange and Beautiful
Alex/Addison, PG-13
Summary: I've been watchin' your world from afar; I've been tryin' to be where you are...

musesfool wrote Viaticum
George/Callie, PG
Summary: It's enough that she's there, that she smells clean and holds his hand even when his palm's all sweaty and disgusting.


pirateygoodness wrote Derek Shepherd Singlehandedly Proves That the Alien Invaders are Definitely Human
Grey's Anatomy/Battlestar Galactica
Summary: All Derek ever really wanted was a nice, simple life.

fox1013 wrote Dry, With a Twist
Grey's Anatomy/Sports Night, PG
Summary: Lessons in how not to pick up a lesbian.

Wed, Dec. 13th, 2006, 03:38 pm
severuslovesme: Finally, an update

Hey y'all, sorry again for my inattention to this. But you get a ton of fics that maybe you missed the first time around! :D

zulu wrote Five Times the Elevator Doors Shouldn't Have Opened
PG, Gen

time_goesby wrote More or Less
PG, Addison/Derek

time_goesby wrote Nights Too Long
PG, Addison/Derek

kho wrote A Traffic Jam, When You're Already Late
NC-17, George/Alex

lunarknightz wrote A Convert to the Way of Baths & Bubbles
PG-13, George/Callie

idio_cynic wrote You'll Never Let Him Go
PG-13, Mark/Addison

shopfront wrote This is Good
PG-13, Izzie/George

callalillykaye wrote The Elizabeth Blackwell Society
Crossover: GA/West Wing, PG-13, Addison, Amy Gardner

ciachick711 wrote Baby People
PG, Cristina/Burke

ldemosthenes wrote Just Like Sixth Grade
PG-13, Izzie/Alex

nikkicienna wrote Teach & Learn
G, Cristina/Burke

haloisbent wrote Addy Without Sound
NC-17, Addison/Callie

hockeysaurus wrote Cat & Mouse
NC-17, Addison/Meredith

recycledstars wrote Five Times Addison Inadvertently Revealed Her Inner Geek
PG-13, Addison

openended wrote Sunday Morning Coming Down
PG, Mark/Addison

mardia wrote You Think It's the Curtain Call (But It's Really Just Intermission)
R, Mark/Addison, Derek/Meredith, Derek/Addison

seventhave wrote Shimmer
PG, Izzie, Addison

pirateygoodness wrote Behavioural Modification Can Sometimes Be Brought About Through Classical Conditioning
NC-17, Mark/Addison

pirateygoodness wrote Geometric Relationships More Realistic Than the Love Triangle (Square Dance)
PG to R, Izzie/Addison, Addison/Alex, Addison/Mark, Izzie/Alex, Mark/Alex, Izzie/Mark, Mark/Mark

mardia wrote In the Hearts of Men
PG, Derek/Addison, Mark/Addison, Derek/Meredith

ella_bee wrote Running Games
PG-13, George/Alex

slybrunette wrote This Is Both a Sin and a Tragedy
PG-13, Izzie, Alex, George, Addison

That's all for now, I promise to try and update in a timely fashion from now on ;)

Wed, Oct. 25th, 2006, 04:35 pm
severuslovesme: Update!

To prove I'm on the level about not abandoning this newsletter, here's your very first issue of the new and ... well, new greysnewsletter!

Unwrinkled by Monimala
Addison/Mark, Rish
Summary:It always comes down to the panties.

I Lost Two Cities, Lovely Ones by lilith_morgana
Ellis Grey/Richard Weber, rated PG
Summary: She swore she'd be the first one to stop.

To Break My Fall by adventurepants
Addison/Izzie, PG
Summary: She never had any holidays with Denny, and when she suddenly grips your hand more tightly, you know she’s thinking about him.

Changing the Size of Your Soul by hackthis
Ensemble, Alex POV, PG-13

Five Things that Didn't Happen to McDreamy and McSteamy by holycitygirl
Derek/Mark, R
Summary: All Mark wanted was acknowledgment of what they had.

Not Fine by thinkatory
Izzie/Alex, PG
Summary: Alex Karev has every reason to be completely content.

Let the More Loving One Be Me by lilith_morgana
Adele Weber, PG
Summary: The spaces between them in bed, gaps they are too old to cross now.

The Second Law of Thermodynamics by beingothrwrdly
Dempsey/Knight(RPF), PG-13


Wed, Oct. 25th, 2006, 04:01 pm
severuslovesme: Important Info

Hey y'all. As you've probably noticed, I have really slacked off on putting out the newsletter recently. This is for a variety of reasons, none of which are very interesting.

I find myself without the time or really the motivation to continue greysnewsletter in its current incarnation. That said, it is my baby and I don't want to abandon it, so here's what I'm going to do.

I'll keep it running, probably with relative frequency, as a fanfic recommendations newsletter. The fanfic side of fandom has always been what's appealed to me most, and I hope it interests y'all as well. If not, go forth with love! :) But I hope some of you will stick around to keep up with high quality Grey's Anatomy fanfic. If you've enjoyed the fic I linked to in the past, the selection criteria will remain almost entirely the same.

Obviously the old posts will still be available for reference and links.

For your general fandom newsletter needs, someone recently opened a new Grey's Anatomy newsletter, anatomynews which you should all check out, because it looks excellent so far.

Wed, Sep. 20th, 2006, 06:24 pm
severuslovesme: Grey's Newsletter #23


Season Three of Grey's Anatomy will premiere tomorrow, September 21, at 9pm EST.

New Season Three promo HERE

Watch it with Kristin transcripts HERE, HERE and HERE
Warning: Spoilers

Spoilers from Ask Ausiello HERE

Preview of the premiere written by Matt Roush HERE
Warning: Spoilers

Official teaser for the Sept. 28 episode HERE
Warning: Spoilers

Patrick Dempsey and his wife are expecting their second child.

Season Three casting spoilers HERE


Scans from the Sept. 8 issue of Entertainment Weekly HERE

Article about the cast at the Season 2 DVD release party HERE

Photos from the release party are HERE

Excerpt from an article on Isaiah Washington's childhood HERE

The submissions from BangsAnatomy.com's 1st Annual Fanfic Contest have been posted HERE

Links to Grey's characters for the Sims 2 HERE

Television Without Pity has a recap of Who's Zoomin' Who? HERE

The Writer's Blog has been updated.

Link to a clip of Patrick Dempsey on Good Morning America HERE

This week's greys100 challenge is square


__inadream wrote Role Reversal (Apparently Surgery Isn't Her Only Talent)
NC-17, Addison/Izzie

summerstorm wrote Spasmodic
G, George, Cristina, Meredith

pirateygoodness wrote Four People Addison Never Had Sex With (and One She Did)
PG-13, Addison

Yoda1947 wrote 1 BR/1 BA
PG-13, Cristina/Burke

seemag wrote Five Ways Derek Redeems Himself
PG-13, Addison/Derek

maddie508 wrote The Impossible
R, Meredith/Addison

Thu, Sep. 7th, 2006, 06:53 pm
severuslovesme: Grey's Newsletter # 22


YouTube has a new season three promo HERE

Find caps from the promo HERE

TVGuide Interviews with Grey's Cast HERE

Transcript from the Watch it with Kristin chat HERE
Warning: Spoilers

Promo photos for 3.01 HERE


HiRes pics from the Emmy's HERE

Television Without Pity has recaps of No Man's Land, Shake Your Groove Thing and The First Cut is the Deepest

sacrilicious made an Izzie/Denny vid HERE

Sandra Oh was featured on Go Fug Yourself HERE


musesfuool wrote An Untimely Frost
Grey's Anatomy/Supernatural

maddie508 wrote Crowded or Just a Little Space
PG-13, Meredith/Addison

dress_fic wrote The Crying Girl at Weddings
PG, Addison, Izzie

Sun, Aug. 27th, 2006, 03:16 pm
severuslovesme: Grey's Newsletter # 21

The Emmys are on NBC tonight at 8pm.

Grey's Anatomy is nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Drama Series - Sandra Oh, Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Drama Series - Chandra Wilson, Outstanding Guest Actor In A Drama Series - Kyle Chandler, Outstanding Guest Actress In A Drama Series - Kate Burton, Outstanding Guest Actress In A Drama Series - Christina Ricci, Outstanding Drama Series, Outstanding Writing For A Drama Series


Ellen Pompeo, Patrick Dempsey and Katherine Heigl will be presenters at tonight's Emmy Awards

Casting spoilers and an interview with Isaiah Washington HERE

More casting spoilers HERE

Spoilerfix has new Grey's Anatomy spoilers HERE

A Season Three promo us up on YouTube HERE

Season Three promo pictures can be found HERE


hospitalhijinks is a new AU RPG

NY & Co has a new ad featuring Patrick Dempsey and Ellen Pompeo, see a scan HERE

More Classic Recaps from TWoP, If Tomorrow Never Comes is HERE

asphaltangel has made a new Grey's Anatomy vid HERE

This week's greys100 prompt is deserving

sakura_in_bloom has made a new moodtheme HERE

Pictures of Kate Walsh at the Entertainment Weekly party HERE


voleuse wrote Sometimes a Click
G, Bailey, Webber

slybrunette wrote Eliminating the Boy in Boy Trouble
NC-17, Izzie/Meredith

voleuse wrote Pressurized
G, Cristina

lips_like_candy wrote There Was a Time When You Let Me Know
PG-13, Mark/Meredith

recycledstars wrote Pandora's Box
R, Cristina/Addison

Mon, Aug. 21st, 2006, 05:00 pm
severuslovesme: (no subject)


Isaiah Washington discusses success HERE

Picture of Isaiah Washington playing with his kids HERE

Transcript of Ausiello's spoilers for Season Three HERE

Pictures of Isaiah Washington and Chandra Wilson at the Creative Emmy Awards HERE
Linda Lowy and John Brace won Outstanding Casting for Grey's Anatomy


ga500 is a new community for fiction of 500 words or less

Television Without Pity is posting recaps of earlier Grey's episodes, Winning a Battle, Losing the War is HERE


slybrunette wrote How Not to Deal
PG-13, Izzie

lips_like_candy is doing the 50 sentences challenge
PG-13, Derek/Izzie

holycitygirl wrote Every Minute
PG-13, George/Izzie

covetedwords wrote New Shoes
PG, Meredith/Derek

fahye wrote Hiding Again
PG, Meredith, Derek, Addison

Sat, Aug. 12th, 2006, 03:58 pm
severuslovesme: Grey's Newsletter # 19


Ausiello talks about Grey's Anatomy, transcript HERE and another one HERE

Season Three Guest star infor HERE
Mild spoilers

Transcript of a People Magazine article on Patrick Dempsey HERE


casino_lily made a Cristina/Burke fanmix HERE

edge_of_hate made a Meredith/Derek music video HERE

serrendipity made a Season 1 moodtheme HERE

always2nl made an Izzie, Season 2 moodtheme HERE

This week's greys100 challenge is irreplaceable


harrys_harlot wrote Messy Edges
PG, Izzie

lips_like_candy wrote And I Love You
PG, Cristina/Burke

juno_chan wrote Pity
PG-13, Addison

pearl_o wrote Ginger Snap
PG, Izzie/Denny

holycitygirl wrote Contemplating Second

grand_delusions wrote The Big Day
PG-13, Izzie/Denny

fox1013 wrote Sugar
PG-13, Addison/Izzie

shaychana wrote House is in the house - everybody run!
PG, Grey's Anatomy/House crossover

The Porn Battle masterlist is HERE


Seattle Grace: A Grey's Anatomy RPG has characters open

There's still time to write for the Bang's Anatomy fanfic contest. Info can be found HERE

Thu, Jul. 27th, 2006, 12:36 am
severuslovesme: Grey's Newsletter # 18

Well, I did promise that this newsletter would be sporadic during the summer. Apologies if I've missed anything, since it's entirely possible.


CBS exec calls CSI underdog to Grey's Anatomy, read the article HERE

Katherine Heigl discusses Grey's Anatomy HERE

Photos from a T.R. Knight photoshoot HERE

Details of Sandra Oh's new movie, the Night Listener, HERE

Casting Spoilers HERE

Pictures from the TCA Awards HERE


An Alex/Izzie fanmix HERE

Photos of Ellen Pompeo from the Christian Dior show on July 5, HERE

This week's greys100 challenge is degree

Grey's Anatomy characters compared to sports figures HERE

A/I, M/D music vid HERE


gespawcho wrote After-After Part: Be There
PG, Meredith/Derek

jennyo wrote Scenes from a Highly Competent Universe

lips_like_candy wrote Nothing Can Cheer You Up Like Forbidden Fruit Sex
R, Derek/Izzie

pirateygoodness wrote In Which Izzie and Addison Enjoy the Holiday Season
PG-13, Izzie/Addison

recycledstars wrote The Last Time
PG-13, Meredith/Derek

fox1013 wrote The Space Between
R, Addison/Roslin (BSG/Grey's Xover)
If you aren't watching BSG yet, why the hell not?

That's all for now, kids. Don't forget to leave comments to interesting things, or feedback, or whatever. :)

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