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Wed, Dec. 13th, 2006, 03:38 pm
severuslovesme: Finally, an update

Hey y'all, sorry again for my inattention to this. But you get a ton of fics that maybe you missed the first time around! :D

zulu wrote Five Times the Elevator Doors Shouldn't Have Opened
PG, Gen

time_goesby wrote More or Less
PG, Addison/Derek

time_goesby wrote Nights Too Long
PG, Addison/Derek

kho wrote A Traffic Jam, When You're Already Late
NC-17, George/Alex

lunarknightz wrote A Convert to the Way of Baths & Bubbles
PG-13, George/Callie

idio_cynic wrote You'll Never Let Him Go
PG-13, Mark/Addison

shopfront wrote This is Good
PG-13, Izzie/George

callalillykaye wrote The Elizabeth Blackwell Society
Crossover: GA/West Wing, PG-13, Addison, Amy Gardner

ciachick711 wrote Baby People
PG, Cristina/Burke

ldemosthenes wrote Just Like Sixth Grade
PG-13, Izzie/Alex

nikkicienna wrote Teach & Learn
G, Cristina/Burke

haloisbent wrote Addy Without Sound
NC-17, Addison/Callie

hockeysaurus wrote Cat & Mouse
NC-17, Addison/Meredith

recycledstars wrote Five Times Addison Inadvertently Revealed Her Inner Geek
PG-13, Addison

openended wrote Sunday Morning Coming Down
PG, Mark/Addison

mardia wrote You Think It's the Curtain Call (But It's Really Just Intermission)
R, Mark/Addison, Derek/Meredith, Derek/Addison

seventhave wrote Shimmer
PG, Izzie, Addison

pirateygoodness wrote Behavioural Modification Can Sometimes Be Brought About Through Classical Conditioning
NC-17, Mark/Addison

pirateygoodness wrote Geometric Relationships More Realistic Than the Love Triangle (Square Dance)
PG to R, Izzie/Addison, Addison/Alex, Addison/Mark, Izzie/Alex, Mark/Alex, Izzie/Mark, Mark/Mark

mardia wrote In the Hearts of Men
PG, Derek/Addison, Mark/Addison, Derek/Meredith

ella_bee wrote Running Games
PG-13, George/Alex

slybrunette wrote This Is Both a Sin and a Tragedy
PG-13, Izzie, Alex, George, Addison

That's all for now, I promise to try and update in a timely fashion from now on ;)