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Fri, Jul. 7th, 2006, 12:35 am
severuslovesme: Grey's Newsletter # 17

Hello all! Sorry for the absence, I've been out of town. With that in mind, please forgive any lapses in the newsletter, since I haven't been keeping up with fandom as well in recent weeks. As always, please comment with any news/fic/art that you think should be included


Grey's received an Emmy nod for best Drama, and Chandra Wilson and Sandra Oh were recognized for best supporting actress. Check out the rest of the noms and Ausiello's commentary HERE

Articles on GA and the Emmy's can be found HERE, HERE and HERE

Jeffrey Dean Morgan may be getting his own show in the fall, read the TV Guide blurb HERE


Read a transcript of a TV Guide interview with Ellen Pompeo about the Grey's finale HERE

An Izzie-centric fanmix HERE

A Meredith/Addison fanmix HERE

A Cristina/Burke fanmix HERE

Check out the multi-fandom Marriage Law Challenge"


pirateygoodness wrote Adultery doesn't count if it's two hot girls
PG-13, Izzie/Addison

Lizzy Rebel wrote Something to Sleep to
PG-13, Alex/Izzie

dress_fic wrote Absolution
PG-13, Meredith/Addison

yourmisfortune wrote Stealer of Hearts
PG, Derek/Meredith

lodessa wrote Crumbling to the Ground
PG, Addison

voleuse wrote The Other Side of Maybe
PG, Cristina/George/Izzie

yahtzee63 wrote Time Clock of the Heart
PG-13, Izzie/Denny

fox1013 wrote The Plan
PG-13, Gen

judo_chan wrote Prada
PG-13, Addison

juno_chan wrote Liquor and Lies
PG, Addison, Finn friendship


md_tv is a community for fans to discuss medical aspects of shows like Grey's Anatomy, House, M.D., and ER

meredithaddison for all of your Meredith/Addison needs

ga_slashfic for all your Grey's slashy needs


Bang's Anatomy is a new Cristina/Burke fansite with a gallery, music guide, media clips and more!

They are currently running a fanfic contest, the details of which can be found HERE

Tue, Jun. 27th, 2006, 12:15 pm
severuslovesme: Return of the Newsletter!

And now for something a little different.

So it's summer, and you've discussed the Mer/Der/Addison triangle until you're blue in the face, and you've stooped to checking the Pit of Voles for new fic because you're so desperate, and you refresh your livejournal every 5 minutes, hoping for a new Grey's Anatomy post... ok maybe that's just me.

Well anyways, here are some communities that aren't related to Grey's, but where you can express the GA love in different ways.

Think that Meredith and Derek are meant to be? Want to explain why Addison will get him in the end? Find Callie to be not only not creepy, but the perfect girl for George?
Write about it in ship_manifesto!

Been listening to a playlist over and over again, thinking that the songs perfectly capture Izzie's thoughts about Denny, or Cristina and Burke's loving disfunction? Post it to fanmix!

Is your bookmarks folder of Grey's fic overflowing? Sign up to rec your favorites at crack_van!

Want to keep an eye on fandom in general? Try metafandom!

There are Grey's Anatomy characters open at hotelinfierno, a multifandom RPG.

If you want to take up icon-making, icon_tutorial and cap_it are indispensible

Plus all these comms are multi-fandom, so you may just find your other obsessions there!

Do none of these really stir you to new heights of fannish frenzy? Maybe it's time to start that GA comm you've thought about, or run a fic fest, or host a friending frenzy. It's a long time till September!

Sat, May. 27th, 2006, 12:19 am
severuslovesme: Grey's Newsletter # 16

Hey Y'all! Sorry this has been such a long time coming, but hopefully it will be a good summation of everything that's been happening in fandom since the season finale.

Just as a heads up, since fandom in general seems to slow down during the summer, I doubt that the newsletter will keep up its (optimistic) weekly schedule. Probably I will just update it when enough things have accumulated, but never fear, when the new season returns so will the Grey's Anatomy Fandom Newsletter!


The Emerald City Bar, Grey Matter and The Nurse's Station have all been updated

Pics of the GA cast at ABC's Upfronts are HERE

Spoilerfix has Season Three spoilers HERE

Read an article on Grey's move to Thursday HERE

Time Magazine interviews GA creator Shonda Rhimes HERE


Read TVGasm's recap of 17 Seconds and the finale HERE

Read Television Without Pity's recap of 17 Seconds and the finale HERE

Patrick Dempsey is mistaken for a real doctor while on a plane; read the story HERE

Pictures of Katherine Heigl on the set of Knocked Up are HERE

This week's greys100 prompt is repercussion


grand_delusions wrote Unglued
PG-13, Meredith/Derek

la_scapigliata wrote Denial May be a Fricking Ocean
PG, Meredith, Addison

writeontarget wrote Five Steps
PG, Izzie/Denny

formerlydf wrote Tearing Out the Sutures
PG, Finn/Meredith, Finn/his wife

Lizzy Rebel wrote White Linoleum
PG-13, full cast

pirateygoodness wrote Manual Transmission
R, Izzie/Several

fox1013 wrote The Most Important Meal of the Day
PG, Addison/Izzie, Meredith/Derek, George/Callie

lucklessslinger wrote A Cold Day in July

theagonyofblank wrote Abandon
PG-13, Izzie/Addison

pirateygoodness wrote The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions

midfieldattack wrote She Paints Me Blue
PG, Izzie/Alex, George, Meredith

meltyoudown wrote It's All Been Said Once Before
PG-13, Izzie/Addison

hockeysaurus wrote 2+2+2
R, Cristina/Meredith, Burke/Cristina

la_scapigliata wrote Meredith Freak Out #5,000,007
G, Meredith, George

Sat, May. 13th, 2006, 08:58 pm
severuslovesme: Grey's Newsletter # 15


Part One of the season finale will air on Sunday night at 9, and part 2 will air on Monday from 9-11.

The cast will be on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday, May 15. (12:05 EST)

There is a new podcast, available HERE

ABCMedianet has new pictures HERE
warning: spoilers

ETOnline McDreamy exclusive HERE


TVGasm recap of Damgage Case is HERE

Television Without Pity's recap is HERE

Isaiah Washington on Jimmy Kimmel Live HERE

Chris O'Donnell on Jimmy Kimmel Live HERE

Sandra Oh is featured in Out Magazine HERE

Picture of T.R. Knight on Sesame Street HERE


emilyanna07 wrote Bull in a China Shop
PG, Finn/Meredith

mcee wrote The Hours in Between
PG, Izzie/Denny

screwingwho wrote Somehow he had missed it
R, Mark/Addison

pirateygoodness wrote Palimpsest
PG-13, Addison/Meredith

coffee_in_bed wrote In absentia
R, Izzie/Denny

Tue, May. 9th, 2006, 04:45 pm
severuslovesme: (no subject)


Friday at nine pm EST there will be a special 2-hour episode of 20/20 featuring the medicine behind Grey's Anatomy

An article on Grey's Anatomy HERE

The Nurse's Station, The Emerald City Bar, and the The Writer's Blog have all been updated


TVGasm has a recap of "Blues for Sister Someone" HERE

Television Without Pity has a recap of "Blues for Sister Someone" HERE

Patrick Dempsey in People Magazine HERE

Patrick Dempsey in Cargo Magazine HERE


pirateygoodness wrote An Exercise in Using Addictive Stimulants (One Milk, Two Sugar) to Get Women
PG-13, Izzie/Addison

likealocket wrote 11 sentences about Izzie and Denny
PG, Izzie/Denny

ehasu wrote Let's Not Forget Ourselves
PG, Meredith/Derek

lunarknightz wrote Long To Fly
PG, Finn/Meredith (Batman/GA crossover)

the_rocklobster wrote Closer
NC-17, Denny/Izzie, Alex/Izzie

voleuse wrote The Rain of Insects
PG-13, Addison/Derek

Thu, May. 4th, 2006, 02:09 am
severuslovesme: (no subject)


There will be a new episode this Sunday, May 7th, called Damage Case

See pics of Chandra Wilson, Kate Walsh and James Pickens, Jr. at the Emmy's HERE

Grey's Anatomy Insider holds their "Blues for Sister Someone" round table discussion HERE

Details on the season 2 DVD's are HERE


Spoilerfix has some new spoilers, particuarly the guest cast for upcoming episodes

Seattlest recaps "Blues for Sister Someone" HERE

This week's greys100 prompt is mask


dolcianiblows wrote Good Morning
PG, Cristina/Burke

hobviously wrote as a dog does
PG-13, Alex/Addison

ehasu wrote A Lot of Things to Put Right
PG-13, Meredith/Derek

pirateygoodness wrote Cookies Are the Most Important Meal of the Day
PG, Izzie, George

Fri, Apr. 28th, 2006, 07:42 pm
severuslovesme: Grey's Newsletter # 12

The Emmy's start in fifteen minutes! Chandra Wilson, Kate Walsh and James Pickens, Jr will be presenting

New episode on Sunday, "Blues for Sister Someone." Watch promo clips HERE

ABC Media has promo pictures up HERE

The Grey's Anatomy Writer's Blog has been updated HERE

There is a new podcast available HERE

Sources have reported that Season Two of Grey's Anatomy will be released on September 12th.


TV Guide has a day in the life of Ellen Pompeo HERE

See pictures from the TV Guide photo shoot HERE

Isaiah Washington has been named one of the world's most beautiful people by People Magazine, read the article HERE

Oxford press ranks the characters on GA in terms of sympathy the audience feels for them HERE

USA Today has an article on GA HERE

USA Weekend Magazine has an article on Patrick Dempsey HERE


lodessa wrote Birthday
PG, Cristina/Burke

jennyo wrote What's So Great About Being Nice?
PG, Izzie, Cristina

Mon, Apr. 24th, 2006, 03:17 pm
severuslovesme: Grey's Newsletter # 11

We have over 100 watchers!

Sorry this has been so sporadic of late, folks, but with the show on hiatus there just hasn't been that much fandom news/activity. But this Sunday there will be a new episode, "Blues for Sister Someone," so get psyched!


Chandra Wilson, Kate Walsh and James Pickens, Jr. will present at the Daytime Emmy Awards on Friday, April 28. (8:00-11:00 EST)

Katherine Heigl will film the movie "Knocked Up" while GA is on hiatus for the summer, read the article HERE


All gossip magazines should be taken with a grain of salt, but this rumor about Katherine Heigl's on-set tantrums has been making the rounds. Read one account HERE

Grey's Anatomy Insider is having their second Caption Contest


lucklessslinger wrote Another and Another
PG-13, Meredith

flipflopadd1ct wrote Her Tattoo
R, Alex/Izzie

pirateygoodness wrote Friends Don't Let Friends Keep Secrets
PG, Izzie/secret

ijemanja wrote A Helping Hand
PG-13, Cristina/Addison

other_shades wrote and it wasn't enough
PG-13, George/Alex

la_scapigliata wrote Growing Up Meredith
PG-13, Meredith/Derek

Fri, Apr. 14th, 2006, 04:06 pm
severuslovesme: Grey's Anatomy Newsletter #10


Read TVGasm's recap of "Name of the Game" HERE

Read Television Without Pity's recap of "Name of the Game" HERE

Promo pictures for episode 2x24 "Damage Case" are up HERE Warning: Spoilers!


MSNBC has an article on GA HERE

An article on a recent press junket is HERE (Scroll down)

Listen to an Isaiah Washington clip on NPR HERE

Read a transcript of a SELF magazine article on Ellen Pompeo HERE

See photos of Patrick Dempsey at a NASCAR race HERE

louisemcgregor made an Alex/Izzie video HERE


fox1013 wrote No Matter What Life May Bring
Grey's Anatomy/Muppets. George, Izzie

thekillerinme wrote Comfort in Suffering
PG, Derek/Meredith

fliz0ntoast wrote The Shellfish Confessions
G, Izzie/Alex

annavtree wrote Two Times Izzie Baked and One She Didn't
PG, Izzie

audaciously wrote Like Mother, Like Daughter
PG-13, Meredith/Derek, Ellis Grey

pirateygoodness wrote Seattle Grace's Scandalous Lesbian Affair, as Told Through Sports Terminology
R, Izzie/Addison

Wed, Apr. 5th, 2006, 04:48 pm
severuslovesme: Grey's Anatomy Newsletter #9

There will be no new episode this week. The next new episode will air on April 30, and is called "Blues for Sister Someone"

All three GA blogs have been updated:
Grey Matter
The Emerald City Bar
The Nurse's Station

The Surgical Gallery has been updated with promo pics for episode 2x23 "Blues for Sister Someone" HERE
warning: spoilers

Grey's Anatomy relationships are explained in Entertainment Weekly. Scans HERE

Entertainment Weekly reviews Name of the Game HERE

Greys Insider discusses whether Dr. Burke is a human or a cyborg HERE

There was so much great fic this week!

pirateygoodness wrote How to Have a Secret Relationship
R, Izzie/Addison

sheepfairy wrote Never Let It Go
R, Cristina/Izzie

Niceole wrote Who I Am Without You
PG, Addison

seattle_grace wrote A Lonely Business
PG, Addison, Izzie

sezzie_dee wrote That's President Hilary Clinton to You, Sir
PG, Gen

hide_r wrote Reflexes
PG, Burke/Cristina

wildrosesings wrote Just Friends
NC-17, Addison/Meredith

SERIOUSLY Grey's Anatomy is a general fansite.

mcsatan_love is a community for fans of Addison Shepherd.

This week's greys100 prompt is "label"

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