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Grey's Anatomy Fandom Newsletter

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Grey's Anatomy Fiction Newsletter
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As of September, 2007, Greysnewsletter is on semi-permanent hiatus, due to my waning interest in Grey's Anatomy. But, I won't say that it will never return - anything's possible!

Hello and welcome to Grey's Anatomy Fiction Newsletter!

As of October 25, 2006, things are changing around here. The newsletter, which was previously a relatively comprehensive guide to the goings on in fandom, will now be solely for fanfiction recs, and will be put out on a regular basis.

This is not meant to be a list of every fanfiction written about Grey's Anatomy over the course of the week, rather it is the fic that I personally find to be of high quality.

Feel free to friend the community to keep track of updates, and leave a comment if you've found something you think I should link to!

Obviously the recs that are provided here are based on subjective opinion, but feel free to point something out if you think it was overlooked.